Vijaya Bank and Remit2India join hands to bring you unparalleled service for NRIs to send money back home.

  1. Have the comfort of using a service offered by two trusted brands - Vijaya Bank & The TimesofMoney Ltd.
  2. Multiple ways to receive money in India based on the beneficiaries convenience
  3. Round the clock customer support by TimesofMoney Ltd
  4. Attractive exchange rates
  5. The flexibility to send money anytime, anywhere. No need to visit banks or agents
  6. Real-time tracking of your transaction status at TimesofMoney Website
  7. Safe, speedy, inexpensive & hassle free transactions for peace of mind
  8. Send money online from 23 countries into India

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Get only the best with the Vijaya Bank and Remit2India association.

Vijaya Bank now provides on-line remittance facility to NRIs residing in USA to remit money to their or their family member’s account in India.

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  • Fast & convenient Online money transfer from US to INDIA
  • Efficient, Fast & Secure
  • Send money to any account holder in Vijaya Bank (at any Branch)
  • Send money to beneficiary having accounts with other Banks in India
  • Send upto US$ 5,000 at a time, with a maximum of US$ 30,000/- per month
  • Normal fee of US$ 7 per transaction

A beneficiary who is having an account with the bank will receive payment on the fourth business day following the initiation of your instructions. For payments through the local clearing or through check there may be an additional delay of one or two days depending on the time it takes for the delivery of funds.
There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries that you can enroll. Please note you may not exceed the monthly transaction limit for the total of beneficiaries enrolled.


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